Create a Luxury Amenity Kit for your Flight

Homemade Luxury Amenity Kit

Home made Luxury Amenity Kit

Most travellers will only ever look with a tinge of envy into the Business or First Class areas of their flight before trudging to their cramped space in Economy but there is no reason you cannot have a little luxury in the back of the aircraft. One of the perks for flying in First or Business Class is the luxury amenity kit, filled with expensive perfume, aromatherapy products, an eye mask and pyjamas to make the trip more pleasant.

Well, why should the well-to-do or business traveller have all the luxury; you can create your own luxury amenity kit and pamper yourself without the expense of First-Class airfares.

What to put into your Luxury Amenity Kit

  • Moisturiser Aircraft air-conditioning creates a very dry atmosphere, so it is important to keep your skin hydrated and a good quality moisturiser will help keep your glow even after the most gruelling flight.
  • Lip balm Your lips will also suffer in the dry air, keep them moist with a good lip balm.
  • Perfume or After-shave Your favourite cologne or perfume will give you that just out of the shower feel until you reach the hotel.
  • Deodorant A little deodorant will make the close quarters of economy-class just that little bit more bearable for everyone.
  • Razor Your choice, personally I use travel as an excuse to grow a beard but you
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste Make your dentist and travel partner happy, and maintain your oral hygiene.
  • A comfy shirt You looked great boarding the aircraft but that outfit will look pretty shabby after 15 hours in your airline seat. Bring a light-weight shirt, perhaps silk for that added touch of luxury, to slip into after take-off. It will absorb the abuse of the flight, preserving your day-wear for your arrival.
  • Ear plugs Aircraft are noisy, not deafening but the constant hum of engines, air-conditioning and passenger noise will wear you down and conspire to prevent your sleep. Good quality ear plugs will shut out the noise and let you get the rest you need to tackle your first day in a foreign land.
  • Eye mask An eye mask will block out the ambient light and distractions of passenger and crew movement. Ensure yours is a comfortable fit.
  • Socks A pair of socks will keep your feet warm. To help prevent, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), get a pair of compression socks.

You can add or subtract items to suit your needs, for example a small pill box will keep your medicinal needs for the flight close at hand, and gather it into your personal toiletry bag (preferably a hanging bag with a built-in hook).

The luxury continues after the flight

Stepping off the aircraft refreshed, and feeling good will kick start your vacation, and mark you as a seasoned traveller. Look at that list again, everything has a useful life long after you flight arrives, add some basic make-up (for the ladies and Goth devotees) and it’s your toiletry kit. Thin walls, street noise and long days sightseeing make an eye mask and ear plugs wonderful tools to assist your sleep, and who doesn’t want a comfy shirt to slip into after the day is done.

What other items would you put in your luxury amenity kit?