Travel as a Political Act

An interesting interview with Rick Steves during a recent visit to New York that introduces his new book Travel as a Political Act. It should be an interesting read for every traveller who likes to be challenged.


Save a Whale on Your Japanese Holiday

Australia is spearheading efforts to stop whaling by the Japanese in the Great Southern Ocean, and I noticed this message behind an activist interviewed on television tonight:

I love Japan but I am concerned about your whaling.

I like the positive message combined with an issue of concern to both countries and travellers can use it to help curtail this unnecessary activity. If you are in Japan this year find an opportunity to raise your concerns about whaling with the locals. Not by pouring blood on their streets or flag (would you like seeing your flag desecrated) but with a personal interaction with just one person you meet.

Ask someone at dinner if they enjoy whale meat, and you’ll find most have not even tasted it. By voicing your concerns politely, you can encourage them to voice their opposition. A movement within Japan is going to end whaling sooner than any action taken on the high seas. Give it a go.