Two Travel Writers who influence my Travels.

For most people travel is momentary, often it feels like you returned before you left as the post vacation glow subsides and work crowds in again. When my travel energy needs a recharge between trips I turn to my favorite travel writers:

Rick Steves‘ guidebooks made our first European vacations a simple delight. Rick’s potted histories and time-saving wisdom makes his books a must read before, during and after your travel. He also provides masses of free advice through his travel shows on PBS, weekly radio show (available as a podcast) and his website.

Anthony Bourdain hosts No Reservations (Discovery Travel), his passion for travel leads him to seek out the unique experiences. His passion for food (he is a chef by trade) always finds him in the best eateries available, although not always the most appetising meals.

Rick and Tony taught me to look below the surface of every society I visit and find the essence of their culture. I embrace the moment, try to live like a local, eat their food and meet the locals. Sure I use the guidebook and see the sights but more often I toss it on the bed as I head out to walk the streets. Getting lost is often a precursor to a great experience or at least a look at the real city. So get out there, push open the door to funny little restaurant you just passed, have a meal and see more than the sights.

This is my first post in a few months and marks a return to regular (weekly) posts, thanks to those who stayed subscribed during the hiatus.