Around the World in an Amphibious Jeep – A Half Safe Adventure

All travellers have a round the world trip plan in their back pocket but the journey Australian Ben Carlin completed in 1958.

Ben modified an Amphibious Jeep by enclosing the cabin to provide rudimentary accommodation and adding a streamlined nose to smooth out the sea handling. Ben and his wife Elinore set out from Montreal, Canada in 1950 driving to the Atlantic coast then plunging into the ocean bound for North Africa and eventually reaching England. Find a copy of Ben’s book, Half-Safe: Across the Atlantic by Jeep, to read about this first leg.

Elinore left the venture in England but Ben pressed on with several different travel partners working with him over several years. He rolled into Montreal on 12 May 1958 to complete his unique circumnavigation of the planet. His vehicle, Half Safe, is proudly displayed at Ben’s High School, Guildford Grammar School in Victoria.

What is your plan for a round the world trip?

Would you consider repeating this epic journey?