What Makes a Memorable Vacation?

These days will soon be passed but memories I know will last of the times I spent with you.

Chris Bailey, The Saints

What is your strongest and happiest vacation memory?

Take a minute to think about it…

My best friend and I lead very different lives; I travel the world and have rarely lived near my childhood home while Karen always lived near home and never travelled far. Yet I suspect our strongest and happiest vacation memories are very similar. Why?

People experience their strongest emotions when they interact with other people, and it is human contact that makes any vacation or journey memorable. Karen commented to me that I done a lot with my life, and yet when I list the vacation memories I treasure they are the simple events that come flooding back to me.

Learning to ride a motorcycle during a visit to the farm Karen called home but holiday heaven for this city kid.

Days spent on the beach, swimming and fishing, with our best friends and family.

Sightseeing around Seattle with a succession of friends and family who made the familiar new again.

Every memory stronger for the people we shared those adventures with us, so if this is the key to a memorable vacation, why is solo travel so popular?

Serial solo travellers all have one common trait, they love to meet people and build relationships that become the focus of their journeys at that moment. It is a trait I nurture but do not naturally thrive on so I tend to seek out travel partners, a position my wonderful wife has forevermore. Whether you travel solo or on tour groups, schedule your time to connect with people, your fellow travellers or locals you meet and make that moment a memorable one for everyone.