Frugal Travel – Vacationing at Home

Sometimes you just cannot afford to travel but that does not mean you have to spend your vacation on DIY projects. Travel to the place you know best (or at least think you do), your home town.

The advantages of vacationing at home:

  1. Free accommodation
  2. Minimal transportation costs
  3. Local knowledge
  4. No jetlag
  5. No language barrier

To make sure you enjoy your vacation at home, take these steps:

  1. Have your mail and papers stopped for the vacation period to reduce distractions. Limit email access and direct calls to voicemail as well.
  2. Tell friends you are going on vacation but be circumspect about your destination.
  3. Research your town by reading guide books and blogs. You will be surprised what you do not know about the place. Reject anything that you do regularly, the idea is to experience a different side of your city.
  4. Plan an itinerary of one to two sights a day, leaving time to enjoy the vistas or cafes.
  5. Avoid your favourite haunts, restaurants and cafes, we all play safe at home so stretch your boundaries.
  6. Write a journal, create a scrapbook or photo record of your vacation to share with friends.

Travel is not about the distance traversed or the number of countries you visit. It is about connecting with the place, and expanding your horizons and home is a good place to start.

Have you vacationed at home, leave a comment and tell us about the experience.