Travel Global, Eat Local

The Environmental News Network published an interesting article on eating local produce, and eating local is just what you should be doing when you travel. My strongest memories are always associated with the food I ate or the local markets I visited. Food engages all of your senses creating strong links in your brain to retain the information and associate it with the place. Banana leaves remind me of the first Malay lunch I had in 1984; rice, mutton curry, some relish and curious fried whole fish that started my gastronomic conversion from bland to spicy.

Stretching your budget on a long trip is easier if you stick with the in season local produce; create a great picnic of local cheese, a few vegetables, meat and fresh bread. Find a picture postcard view, sit down and let the food make this a moment a memory.

Fresh bread at a Portobello Market, London

A trip to the local market is also a fantastic way to meet the locals and practice your language skills, the merchants are keen to sell you their produce while other shoppers will help you find the best stuff if you ask around. Enrich your travel experience with the local food.