Travel Tech – Nokia Navigator

Travel TechYour rich uncle is sending you on a trip but on one condition, you can only take one piece of electronic technology. What goes into your bag?

Nokia 6110 Navigator


Video camera?



MP3 player?

Confused, want to take it all; grab the Nokia Navigator and you do have it all and get the free trip.

I’m a real Luddite when it comes to mobile phones, no frills and I leave it off as much as possible but the Nokia Navigator could finally win me over to the dark side. Most high end cell phones have cameras and PDA functionality but the GPS function sets the Navigator apart from any other phone I’ve owned. Type in your destination, select navigate and within seconds the confident voice commands are guiding you through the city. You can set it to take you via the fastest or shortest route, and it will even show you the points of interest around your location.

A few 2Gb micro SD cards with your favourite music or podcasts plus a couple more for photos and you have it all in your pocket. The photos and video quality is not going to win you any prizes but used at parties or other happy snap occasions they produce a reasonable product to share with friends.

The Active TFT, QVGA 320 x 240 pixels, 2.2 inch display supports all your on the go browsing needs and there a host of other features to long to list here. The Nokia Navigator is a winner for the light packers or your go bag.

Photo courtesy of Velorowdy’s photostream. Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved.)