Five Adventurous Activities for Australian Visitors

To many travellers, Australia is a large nature park with stunning red desert vistas, deserted beaches and the strangest animal menagerie on the planet. Australia is beautiful but you can get the heart pumping harder if it is adventure you crave, try these five less traditional Aussie activities:

Take flight in a Warbird

Experience Australian aviation history by taking flight in one of the many warbirds maintained by Australian enthusiasts. There is a range of options from scenic Tiger Moth flights to air combat training but for my money nothing compares to 20 minutes in a classic fighter like the P-51 Mustang.

Climb our Bridges

The Sydney Harbour Bridge symbolises Australia for many visitors by rather than just looking at it, climb to the top for spectacular views of the most beautiful harbour city in the world. Bridge Climb Sydney offers to experiences; the original straight climb or more detailed experience of the working bridge, each lasting about 3.5 hours.If Brisbane is part of your itinerary, conquer two bridges by climbing the Storey Bridge over the Brisbane River.

Drive a V8 Race Car

Australia offers a range of opportunities for the motor enthusiast to experience racing from a hot lap ride to a group event for up to twenty of your friends but a few laps behind the wheel of a V8 race car is good value for money. Offered throughout the country, you can experience the same conditions as Australia’s premier motor racing teams.

Learn to Surf

Australians love the beach and surfing is a popular sport (some would say lifestyle) that you can experience. Former World Pro am Champion Merrick Davis has training packages for novice or experienced surfers.

Dive with the Great Whites

For shark lovers, a six day package to cage dive with the most perfect predator on the planet is an opportunity you cannot miss while in Australia. Living aboard the dive boat off Neptune Islands, you will also have the opportunity to see the variety of fauna in this beautiful region.