British Airways – World Traveller Plus

The direct flight from Seattle to London with British Airways is the quickest and easiest route to the UK but their economy seating is amongst the worst I’ve endured over the last eight years. Unable to afford Business Class seating, we decided to try British Airways’ World Traveller Plus class offering more comfort at an affordable price.

The only difference between World Traveller and World Traveller Plus is the seat, all World Travellers receive the same meal service and access the same bathroom facilities. Nine hours is a long time in any seat, and the wider World Traveller Plus seat with more legroom made the flight more bearable and I managed to get some sleep for a change, arriving ready to face the day. They also have a power outlet for someone who needs to out in nine hours work during the trip.

Is World Traveller Plus worth the extra cost?

For a larger framed individual, World Traveller Plus provides the wider seat and additional legroom you always need and is affordable luxury for even a budget traveller. For me, I’d save the money for a splurge at my destination or break a longer journey halfway. For the same cost, we could have spent two days in New York enroute and arrived just as refreshed because the flights are shorter.

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