Carry your Computer in your Pocket

Travel TechEvery tech-enriched traveller is looking for a lighter computer to save a few ounces in their bag but I’ve been testing an option that will save you couple of pounds, the U3 Data Traveler.

The Kingston Technology 2Gb USB flash drive is loaded with portable versions of my favourite software including Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice, and there is a large variety of software options that should satisfy your travel needs. The drive comes loaded with Launchpad software with tools to secure your drive and download software. Once you have your programs loaded, simply select them from the Launchpad menu.

My main computer is taking a slow boat to Australia but I stored my bookmarks, email and essential documents on the U3 Data Traveler to make the computer I’m using feel like home (OK, minus my beloved 24inch flat panel). Just plug the Data Traveler into an available computer conduct your business with a familiar interface. You save time because there is no need to search for that website address again, and you can download documents and email to take to your next destination.

I found the interface intuitive and the software runs as well as any native program on the computer but it is only compatible with Windows machines. Most of the Internet cafes are running Windows machines so the lack of Mac compatibility is a minor drawback. If your world is Mac then try FreeSMUG’s applications to create a similar device. Data Traveler is a great option for the traveller who is tired of humping their laptop everywhere and needs to shed a few pounds from their travel kit.