Book Early or miss the Last Supper when you visit Milan

As the travel planner in my family, I’m expected to bring together the itinerary and make the necessary reservations for our travel dreams come true. As part of my sacred duty, I set out yesterday to book our visit to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper when we get to Milan in two months, double the recommended time to book ahead.

My first mistake, arriving on Sunday because on Monday the Last Supper is closed to visitors leaving us only one day to see the remains of Leonardo’s great work. Oh well, I’m plenty early to snag a spot Sunday afternoon. Wrong, the Last Supper is fully booked and our main reason for visiting Milan is out of our grasp without taking a more expensive tour.

Early in this blog’s life I wrote about good planning, learn the lesson if your travel partners want to see the Last Supper, book early.