Travel Tech – iPod Nano

My iPod Nano is an essential part of my travel equipment; it provides me entertainment and essential travel information without carrying a lot of extra weight.

The Nano has two distinct advantages over their bigger cousins:

1. Flash memory devices travel better than micro hard drive versions in my experience and you are less likely to experience a sad face moment.iPod Sad Face

2. Every gram (ounce) counts when you pack light and the Nano is a perfect combination of size and performance.

On the road, my 2Gb Nano stores my favourite music and a selection of podcasts related to my current locale including great walks, local history or museum guides. All the information that enhances your travel experience without fumbling through guidebooks (more saved weight) and reading when you should be enjoying the object or view.

The latest iPod Nano release includes an 8Gb version, enough memory to carry music and podcasts for a month long journey. Unless you take a laptop, you will also need the optional charger or plug in the Nano at the Internet cafe and recharge while you surf. Buy it a protective case and you are ready to travel.