Five Travel Dreams for 2007

Over at the Rambling Traveler blog, Stacy shared her top five travel
and I offered my top five in the comments list. This morning I
wondered what travel dreams I will fulfil this year, and came up with
this list:

The Who at Wembley. My son and I have tickets to see the The Who in
concert at Wembley next month. A classic British rock band in their
natural environment, very cool.

Assen Tourist Trophy. Assen is one of great motorcycle Grand Prix
events, look for me and my son at the final turn this year.

Le Hamel. I wrote a history paper for my Master’s degree on the
Australian Armed Forces’ battle success in 1918 that concentrated on the battle at Le Hamel. This year I’m going to walk the same ground and
visit the Australian Memorials in the region.

Relax on the Italian Riveria. Every trip should include time to relax,
and Vernazza is great place for relaxation. It is also the only place
both my kids wanted on the itinerary.

Christmas with Family. After living overseas for seven years, we are
headed back to Oz and a big family Christmas.