Top Five Travel Posts – ProBlogger’s Group Writing Project Day 1

ProBlogger‘s group writing project has generated some great posts across a wide variety of subjects but these are my Top Five Travel Posts of the day:

Top 5 Reasons Why We Travel. Every traveller has their own reasons for their wanderlust, and Timen Swijtink’s list struck cord with me.

My Top 5 Future Photowalking Locations. Trevor Carpenter shares his future photowalking locations, London and Rome are amongst my favourite cities, I’ll be walking them again soon.

Top 5 Spanish Tapas. Tapas are growing in popularity throughout the world, Matthew Bennett shares his favourites with us.

Top Five Languages I Would Like to Learn. Learning Coptic or Aramaic may not help you order a beer but any language study can enhance your travel experience, Darrell Pursiful’s list is intriguing.

Five gems: what makes a good pub? A pub in any destination is a good place to meet the locals or fellow travellers, Michael Scott shares his thoughts on what makes a good one.

Thanks Darren Rowse at ProBlogger for hosting this great project.