How to Find Time for Travel

Increased connectivity through cell phones, computer networks and email has made us more productive but at a cost. We are working longer hours, and creating an on call culture where employees are in constant contact with the office.

I’ll take some time off when this project is complete.

If the company can let me take three weeks off they probably do not need my position.

It is too hard to catch up after a long vacation.

These are just a few of misnomers that keep people in the office rather than recharging their batteries for the year ahead. A study prepared by the Families and Work Institute, Overwork in America, found that over a third of employees do not plan to use their full vacation entitlement. How do you avoid being part of this terrible statistic?

The simple answer is planning, look at your schedule and determine the optimum time to take your vacation and get your boss to approve the time off.

Block the time off in your calendar, and decline or reschedule any requests for your time during your planned vacation.

Book your travel as soon as possible after agreeing the vacation plan with your manager. He will be less inclined to cancel your vacation when you have invested money in your plan.

Next week: How to Enjoy your Vacation without Worrying about Work.