Five things to see and do in Baseball, America

National PastimeBaseball, America like the fabled Brigadoon only exists for a short period every year before disappearing in October but has a simultaneous existence throughout the United States. I visit Baseball where I find it but these are my five favourite visits:

1. Fenway Park, Boston – Inside Fenway Park, I’m transported back to an earlier era when tradition and fun were as important as your pay check.

2. Safeco Field, Seattle – Returning baseball to the fans, Safeco Field lets you get close to the action and provides you all the modern convenience you need.

3. Little League – This version of Baseball, America graces fields everywhere and I’ve never spent a happier baseball moment than watching my son play there.

4. Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, New York City – This great rivalry is Baseball at its most passionate and you have not experienced Yankee Stadium until cheers of ‘Lets go Red Sox’ are drowning out the locals.

5. Cooperstown, New York – Cooperstown is the window through which you see Baseball as a whole; past, present and future found in the museum halls, on the fan filled streets or the nearby Little League fields.

Tell me where you love to visit Baseball, America.