Baggage Woes and Why I Carry On Luggage if Possible

An aircraft mechanical failure pushed us on to another aircraft at the last minute and despite assurances we knew many bags had not made it aboard. Our travelling companions arrived in Newark to discover their bags had been delayed and after a frustrating wait to register the loss we headed to the hotel. After three infuriating days, their bags finally reached their room and we reinforced our commitment to travelling light and not checking bags.

The Seattle Times columnist, Karen Pucci, reported yesterday on the increasing thefts occurring at airports as more people check bags to avoid problems with carrying liquids and gels. In Australia, you still find people covering their bags in plastic wrap in response to a convicted drug trafficker’s defence that someone slipped the drugs into her bag after check in.My Luggage

Travelling light allows you to avoid these problems and actually have a better vacation experience because it forces you to leave at home the clutter that invades most modern lives. Choosing your clothes each morning is reduced to a question of what is clean rather than deciphering your mood for a fashion statement. It is a philosophy that Rick Steves is passionate about but there are many other good resources such as One Bag to inspire your baggage diet.

Tell me your secrets for packing light.