Is Europe Too Expensive for your Next Trip?

In a report from The Associated Press, J.W. Elphinstone suggested travellers reconsider their European vacation plans, even stay home instead for a more cost effective holiday but is cost-effectiveness your first travel consideration?

Based on a cost of living survey released by The Economist Intelligence Unit ranking eight European cities in the top ten, Elphinstone equates cost with value. Travellers should look closer at the figures before following the recommendation, overall many of the cities are less expensive today than last year when compared to New York, and a low cost vacation is not always value for money

An art afficionado enjoys the local galleries in any city but is enraptured by the masterpieces in the Louvre; for a few extra dollars a day I’ll take the great experience over a mediocre one every time. You can also make an expensive city more cost effective by booking less expensive hotels and picnicking instead of eating at a restaurant.

Seek out the best value but don’t settle for a cheap vacation.