Travel Tech – These Keen Shoes are made for Walking

Travel is good for the soul but your soles take a pounding as you wander the back streets of London or climb to the splendour of Machu Picchu. Modern workplaces are relatively sedentary and most travellers walk several more miles a day during a vacation than a normal working week. The comfortable shoes you wear to work can blister your feet and ruin your vacation.

After mangled feet almost ruined one trip, my wife researched walking shoes and finally settled on a pair of Keen shoes in a Mary Jane style. All leather uppers with a moulded sole and patented toe protection combined into a stylish pattern that became her shoe of choice all summer.

Keen Walking Shoes

While taking this picture, Colleen heard another traveller explain to her son, ‘See there’s another woman taking a photo of her sore feet.’

Colleen quickly corrected her, ‘Actually I’m taking a photo because my feet do not hurt at all.’

Keen‘s range include running shoes, sandals and walking shoes in a range of styles that are both comfortable and attractive.