Should you Fly with JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways JetBlue, the low-cost carrier who stranded thousands of passengers last week, is working hard to restore their reputation for low-cost but quality air travel. The recently announced Customer Bill of Rights is a step in the right direction but should you put your travel karma in their hands?

While other airlines toss you peanuts, and charge $5 to watch a movie on a screen three rows away, JetBlue has leather seats, free in seat DirectTV and a range of snacks. Their commitment is to provide customers ‘more for less’, and prior to the Valentine’s Day meltdown, JetBlue had a superior reputation in an industry mired in mediocrity. They reacted quickly to ensure they can handle similar situations in the future, and reaffirmed their commitment to excellence.

For my money, I’ll take a JetBlue flight. What’s on the History Channel?