Ask the Seat Guru where to sit on Your Next Flight.

Every aircraft is subtly different…‘, a common warning used to capture your attention for the flight attendant’s safety briefing. To the average passenger, the subtle differences are different seat fabrics and the content of the mini snack pack that has replaced a meal on most US domestic flights. Regular travellers understand the those subtle differences include leg room, seat recline, in-seat power and better views but how do you select the right seat?

Seat Guru makes you an informed traveller by providing detailed descriptions of airline seating, in-flight amenities and other airline information. Using the colour coded seat maps, you can select the best available seat when using your airline’s web check-in facility.

I checked Seat Guru before booking flights to Europe and discovered American Airlines still had more legroom on our flight route. That extra leg room only cost a small premium (less than $50 per ticket) and a long trip to Rome much more pleasurable.

Which seat did you select? by Charles HaynesWhich seat did you select?

Photo by Charles Haynes