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Grab a Fork, and Eat London on April 28

London’s diverse community has spawned a wide variety restaurants, and this Saturday 200 cooks will create a three dimensional map of the city. You are invited to join Londoners to eat their city at this innovative event, grab your fork and head down to Trafalgar Square.


Dinner with [New] Friends in Paris

Carol Pucci wrote an interesting article in today’s Seattle Times about two American ex-pats who host Sunday dinners for weary travellers. Each venue draws an eclectic group from all walks of life and offers a great way to meet fellow travellers. Contact Jim Haynes or Patricia Laplante-Collins and enjoy a different Parisian experience.


Travel Photographs – Seattle

Each week I post a few of my personal travel photos to inspire your travel dreams. This week I chose my favourite shots of Seattle:


Fire Fighter Memorial

Blue Moon Tavern


Twenty-Six Dinners – Finding New Restaurant Experiences

A great part of travelling is the opportunity to experience the food and drinks of the country you are visiting but you can also travel through food without boarding a aircraft. After one too many dinners at our local restaurant, we resolved to try new dining experiences in 2007, Twenty-Six Dinners at new (for us) restaurants.

Ethopian Delights at the Blue Nile Restaurant, Seattle

Where do you find great food at home or on the road?


Montana, Searching for Big Sky Country

Are you ready to release your inner cowboy and embrace the Old West?

Are you ready to trek through the spectacular Big Sky Country?

Montana is ready for you.

Photo by Scott Robinson

From Old Faithful to Little Big Horn, Montana provides the imagery and folklore that many travellers drew inspiration from to begin their American journey. Yellowstone National Park and Little Big Horn are the most recognisable stops under the big sky but Montana offers visitors a wide variety of attractions and activities.

In Great Falls, visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center or cool off at the Electric City Water Park after a morning ride through the surrounding country. This is a great place to take your teenagers and mix water slides, a fantastic skate park and the Museum of Western Art.

A spectacular alternative to Yellowstone is the Glacier National Park, the landscape carved out of the mountains by frozen rivers over millennia. Explore by boat, foot or horseback for a Lewis and Clark experience to get close to the environment but for less active visitors you use your car or one of the park’s shuttle services.

American history, natural beauty and a big country welcome await you in Montana.

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