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A Different Rome Experience.

The Australian printed this great article by Stanley Stuart that reveals a deeper Rome experience than the normal tourist trek. What is your favourite place in Rome?


What is your Favourite Airport?

The Sydney Morning Herald is asking readers to nominate their favourite airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport has always impressed me but I also enjoy Schipol in Amsterdam.


Seattle Traveler

Mary Jo Manzanares shares her local knowledge about Seattle to help you get the most out of your visit. Her Seattle Traveler blog highlights the local favourites like Mt Rainer and sleeper events like the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.


Travel Photographs – Disneyland, California

Each week I post a few of my personal travel photos to inspire your travel dreams. This week I chose my favourite shots from Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth unless your on the It’s a Small World ride:

Brer Mountain - Disneyland

California Adventure

Fast Track - Disneyland


California Adventure


Travel Tech – Internet Travel Bookings (Airlines)

No matter how good your purchase price is, someone will get a better deal next week.

This small piece of wisdom should be printed on every receipt but open your mind to the subliminal message, the reason I quote it so often to travellers. A good price is still good even if someone gets a better deal, do not let another shopper’s good fortune ruin your enjoyment. Good advice when buying airline tickets online.

As your own travel agent, it is up to you to get the best airfare for your next trip, and these basic tips can help get you a great deal:

1. Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia provide a quick and easy way to review the market for your travel destination, and determine the median price.

2. Use Seat Guru to check out the airlines that service your route and select the ones that provide the level of service you require.

3. Check the airline’s own website, and see if they offer better prices there. I prefer to deal directly with an airline.

4. Sound Money Tips reports Wednesday night between midnight and 1am is supposed to yield the best deals but Wednesday in general is a good day to shop.

5. When you find an airfare less than the median price with a good airline, buy it.